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Nintendo Does Not Want To Talk About Mini SNES Classic For Now – Proves Existence?

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Previously, a rumor about Nintendo working on releasing the Mini SNES Classic took the internet by storm. The said plan is in preparation for 2017 Holiday Season. After officially discontinuing the Mini NES Classic, fans wondered whether the said rumor is true.

Wall Street Journal Journalist, Takashi Mochizuki asked Nintendo if the Mini SNES Classic is indeed in production. Nintendo answered with “nothing to talk about it now,” totally keeping away from the question.

Some fans believe that Nintendo’s action of not answering the question makes the rumor true. The refusal if based on a psychological level is odd, yet professional. It is a given fact company would refuse to respond to questions about individual products if the announcement is not yet planned.

Mini SNES Opinion

Nintendo’s idea of recreating its old consoles is a smart one. But, it all boils down to the system’s price and stock. The controversies behind the NES is enough for Nintendo to anticipate the demand of the SNES once released.

We can assume that prices for the SNES may end up higher or doubled. Forbes stated that to solve demand and potential issues of the SNES, a price hike is a good anticipation.

The $60 price for NES does not give the company any good making scalpers steal its profit margin. Imagine SNES for $100 – $120?

This estimated price could give Nintendo a better profit margin which could manifest into better support and stock flow. Consumer-wise, the idea is not very friendly because we want everything to be automatically cheaper.

But, if something is so cheap, it removes the company’s devotion in supplying demands making the SNES a lose-lose situation. As always, share us your thoughts in the comment section below.