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Nintendo Mini NES Classic Final Restock News: Confirmed Retailer’s Delivery Schedule

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Nintendo Mini NES Classic is about to conclude its final run and last minute hunters are still hoping to bag the last stocks. Good news to all desperate hunters out there, the NES is coming back in stock in the US.

Later this month, the last shipment for Nintendo Mini NES Classic is now confirmed in North America. Based on the recent reports, the first store who will receive the final restock is Best Buy. As per schedule, stocks will be available on Monday or April 24th.

Best Buy final shipment is scheduled on April 24th

As of the moment, there is no complete information about other retailers joining the last shipment stint aside from Best Buy. Based on the statement from Nintendo, retailers will be receiving their final shipment of NES in April. Therefore, we can conclude that other retailer’s delivery schedule will be announced.

Regarding the stock update, Now-in-stock or other stock live update tool remains to be on “Sold Out” status. But, experts suggest keeping an eye on them if you are aiming for that one last chance. Meanwhile, bad news for Nintendo Mini NES Classic fans in Europe since Nintendo UK has confirmed manufacturing stoppage.

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Nonetheless, hunters in the US should mark April 24 on their calendars and fall in line to the nearest Best Buy store. Entertainment News Access will follow up other retailer’s last shipment delivery schedule once it is available.

In other news, Nintendo is reportedly producing SNES Classic for the holiday 2017. This announcement was followed by a Nintendo Speakers saying the NES is not intended to be a long-term product. Hence, Nintendo plans to release SNES Classic this year.

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